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2014 Workers Memorial Day
Each year twelve women and men die as a result of preventable workplace incidents.

Workers Memorial Day is so much more than a day to honor and remember our loved ones. Families from across our nation have learned that it is not enough to just mourn our loss .

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Organizing A Workers Memorial In Your Area.
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New We have created a tri-fold for the families who chose to print their Workers Memorial Day Event details. It is located here in a word format so you can edit it to your own needs.


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The Family Bill of Rights Volume 2 as presented in this document proposes regulations and policies that should be the fundamental rights of workplace victims and their families. We share true stories of victims and their families to illustrate the importance of each of the proposed changes.


History of Workers Memorial Day

The History of Workers Memorial Day A day of morning and remembrance of our lost loved ones. We reminisce and grieve for our loved ones throughout the year but we have some recognition and acknowledgement for the injured, ill and lost at work on April 28th. Canada adopted the “Day of Mourning” Bill C-223 in 1989 making them the first to observe a workers memorial day. After the Canadian movement the AFL-CIO as the national day adopted April 28th for Workers Memorial Day because it was the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration's anniversary date. Most recognize this day as an International Day of Mourning so as to acknowledge the injured along with the death of workers.

What Does Workers Memorial Day means to Families?

Katherine Rodriguez ~ A day dedicated to the memory of my father and all other workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to simply provide for their families.

Deb Koehler-Fergen ~ A day to honor those we have lost, knowing that they will not be forgotten.

Danielle Dole ~ It is a day to remember that my dad worked hard and died at his job. This day brings me together with others like me who are going through the same process of losing a loved one due to a preventable work related death.

Carolyn Conway Snider ~ A day to mourn and remember my son-in-law, Coley Lee, and all the countless others who went to work one day and never returned. These workers died due to a preventable workplace accident, and Workers Memorial Day brings needed awareness to this!